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Speciality Chemicals

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of speciality chemicals targeting industrial sectors such as agrichemicals, fragrances, flavors, cosmetics, colors, paints, lubricants, surfactants and cleaning materials. In this area, we are a customer driven and innovative company with entrepreneurial approach. Our speciality chemicals are manufactured in our chemical plants using batch processing techniques.

Our company is involved in the manufacturing and supply of a plethora of fine chemicals targeting sectors such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, oil & gas industry, and universities/research laboratories. Fine chemicals are manufactured in our plant quantitatively.

We have a ready to be delivered in-stock api impurities and also we synthesize api impurities based on the customers request. We supply globally highly pure impurities as per the standards of USP, EP, EP & IP.

This is our one of the core areas and we have our own in-house developed efficient technologies for a variety of highly valuable api intermedaites. In collaboration with our gmp certified partners, we manufacture a plethora of api intermediates and supply them to various local and international customers.

GRG life sciences has a well established facility for the isolation and practical synthesis of various natural products from plants, microbes and marine sources. We also provide herbal and medicinally important biological extracts upon request of our customers.

We are a genuine manufacturer and supplier of a number of authentic, pure and unadulterated essential oils, isolates & aroma chemicals to various local and international companies.

We manufacture and supply chemicals required for processes involved in industries like oil & gas, metallurgy, agriculture, polymers, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals & food industry throughout the globe.

We are an emerging supplier of high quality veterinary formulations at affordable prices to farmers globally. Our veterinary products include a series of potential Antibiotics, Antibacterials, Antihelmintics and Antipyretics. GRG Life Sciences also provides various dietary supplementary and supportive products as calcium, minerals and vitamin supplements.