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We offer our dedicated and determined services to deliver synthetic and isolation projects and continously improving to meet the expectations of local and international pharmaceutical, chemical, fragrances, cosmetics and speciality industry. Our highly experienced team of synthetic and medicinal chemists offer their best services to timely deliver challenging synthetic chemistry projects with highly satisfactory products quality and characterization data. for synthetic challenges. Most of our scientific pool have successful international experiences and well versed with international standards of quality and integrity.

The following are our custom synthesis and services areas:
  • Organic Process R&D
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Parallel Synthesis, SAR and Lead Optimization
  • Custom Synthesis from mg to kilo gram level
  • Custom Manufacturing from gram scale to pilot plant scale
  • Biological Extracts and isolation of natural products
  • Synthesis of API impurities
  • Synthesis of Biosimilar and Biomaterial
  • Pharmaceutical peptides
  • Combinatorial building blocks, intermediates and libraries